“For Gillespie, the August primary results reflected what she had been hearing during her canvassing since February. She cited her Vancouver Public Schools Board of Directors experience, her return to run for the same race after losing in 2016 and her overall energy as things that “really resonated” with voters.

Gillespie noted that the first door-to-door campaigning was on a stormy day in February, however about a dozen people showed up to help get the word out. She felt that first turnout was a good indicator in what kind of support she had.

The former editor said it was significant that the seat was open, explaining that often incumbents have an easier time holding onto their position.

“The open seat does give people an opportunity to take a new look in representation,” Gillespie said.”

Read the rest here: http://www.thereflector.com/news/article_a394660a-c5c0-11e8-bd17-739ec1538346.html

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