I am focused on delivering results and committed to efficient, effective government that puts citizens first. I’m all in for the 18th District and SW Washington!

My priorities are to:

Champion smart transportation solutions to keep SW Washington moving ahead

I support:

  • SSB5806 – the bipartisan bill to re-start the planning process for an I-5 bridge replacement – a process supported by our 3 ports, the business community, a majority of SW WA legislators, city and county governments.
  • Seeking affordable solutions to improve safety, flexibility and choice in our region such as the bus-on-the shoulder pilot, expansion of voluntary ride-sharing and commute reduction incentives, and off-peak delivery programs.

Help businesses start, grow and prosper for more jobs and a vibrant economy

I support:

  • Reform of B&O tax to allow small business owners to keep more of what they earn.
  • Review of state’s 700+ tax exemptions to determine which pay taxpayers back
  • Expansion of job development, training, apprentice and community college programs
  • Cutting red tape to allow innovation, development, job creation.
  • Support for businesses impacted by unfair Oregon business practices.
  • Strong linkages to businesses to understand needs, opportunities, and challenges
  • Expansion of emerging and established businesses unique to our district like agriculture, wineries, breweries, tourism, high-tech, higher education, manufacturing.

Fund high quality education that leads to good jobs and a bright future

I support:

  • Personalized learning options, high standards to prepare students for workplace.
  • More investment in career-connected programs in high school and community colleges
  • Working with employers to ease transition between high school, job training, or college.
  • Full funding of basic K-12 education, lower local tax levies, measurable outcomes.
  • Generating incentives that keep and attract new, educated talent for businesses

Eliminate wasteful government spending with priority-based budgeting

I support:

  • Prioritizing the budget process to fund core services first; government cannot do everything.
  • Accountability and incentives for results, efficiency and innovation to guide spending to the best and measurable outcomes.
  • A more transparent process, open to, and actively encouraging public comment and scrutiny.
  • Ending the practice of borrowing from dedicated funds to feed over-spending.

Create a more open and responsive government that puts citizens first

I support:

  • Expanded options for citizens’ voice to be heard in Olympia via computer or phone testimony.
  • Regular, open, and responsive in-person town hall meetings.
  • Improved and timely access for residents of the 18th district in Olympia.

Safeguard privacy, freedom, and liberty as foundations for a just society

I support:

  • Limited but supportive government focused on core functions that produce measurable results.
  • The right of all citizens to live without unnecessary interference.
  • Respect for individual property – money, land, possessions, intellectual property.

Ensure safe streets and build strong, healthy, livable communities for all

I support:

  • Increased opportunities for law enforcement agencies to modernize equipment and improve training.
  • Expanded programs of outreach by law enforcement into communities to build strong relationships with all citizens.
  • Increased accountability to ensure effectiveness, fairness and efficiency.

Support vulnerable citizens to build stable families, dignity for all

I support:

  • Stable housing, basic health care services for citizens.
  • Investment in effective programs to address rising drug abuse and mental health issues.
  • Efforts to mitigate long-term health and mental care costs for individuals and families.
  • Increased flexibility to create innovative programs best suited to local needs.